You can’t beat a good old game of catch, y’know? But how’d you turn that into a strength exercise? Well, throwing a slam ball at a target is a good start. Deceptively simple at first glance, this exercise transforms from a squat starting position to an upright one, upon which you release the ball at the target to go for a bullseye some several feet above your head. Catch the ball on the way down and return to the squat position then repeat. Here’s some of the benefits!

  1. Total body movement
  2. Improve your athletic performance
  3. Functional movement
  4. Easily scalable
  5. Improve your hand-eye coordination
  6. Improve your core stability
  7. Develop your explosive and power moves

So, what’s not to love? Get your hands on some of our balls to really turn the dial up on your strength training (as well as some nice cardio benefits!)

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