Our clients are an honest bunch and don’t mince their words. Luckily for us, they’re happy!

Our members are our biggest advocates.

It’s honestly one of the friendliest, most inclusive gyms you could imagine. You’re free to train at your own pace and enjoy the chat or just get on with it. You’ll meet loads of lovely people and the trainers are really genuinely interested in seeing you improve and grow stronger.


Super friendly and welcoming, extremely knowledgeable instructors, something for every one, they take the time to establish your own personal goals and will support and guide you to achieve them in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.


It is a safe place – and no matter where you are on your fitness journey, no-one judges you and you are well supported by everyone in a gym which can cater for everyone.


You get really professional training advice that is tailored to you. It is amazing value for money compared to visiting a normal gym where any advice you receive is likely to come from someone who is far less qualified and experienced.


It’s not like a normal gym! You don’t feel intimidated and feel like you are part of a family


I love the Engine house gym! The classes are always small enough for the trainers to properly ensure we train in an efficient but safe way. Within a class all levels are catered for and each exercise can be adapted to you personally if you have any specific ailment/ condition. The coaches are always on hand to give tailored advice and make sure you get the best out each session. Also people are super friendly and non judgemental.


It is great fun, with good instructors that encourage you without forcing something that you may not feel ready to do straight away. The instructions make sense and work. You always feel better.


I really enjoy training at the Engine House. All the staff are really friendly, and the small class sizes means its easy to talk to people and make friends 🙂


The Engine House is a very supportive and friendly gym where the trainers support you to reach your goals, whatever your state of fitness or age. It’s a very inclusive and unintimidating place. The social side and camaraderie of the group training sessions is brilliant. And the expertise of the trainers!


An amazing little gym with a lovely community and group of supportive trainers. Whether you’re interested in getting fit or learning new skills with a barbell or kettlebell, The Engine House has got it all!


Brilliant place to train, no rows of machines with crappy yellow handles, lift weights, exercise the body from all angles, feel the benefit from the knowledge that is freely shared with you.


If you are looking for a somewhere to get or keep fit in a friendly, supportive and non-competitive environment, you should take a look at the Engine House. The range of classes and equipment, combined with the genuine knowledge, care and support of the staff, provides a great place to exercise, train and build strength.


As a 60+ year old the 2+ years I have attended the gym has put me in a much better place with regard to flexibility and strength. I would not hesitate to recommend The Engine House to anyone interested in joining a gym.


Since I joined the The Engine House gym three years ago I have gone from strength to strength. Under the tutelage of the knowledgeable and friendly trainers my form and general fitness have improved immensely. The group sessions run in the gym are all inclusive and cater for all abilities in a friendly atmosphere. Or if you are after a tailored training programme they have the expertise to design and implement one ,taking into account your personal goals and abilities. I am very happy with my gym.


I have been a member of Engine House for over 2 years now and never looked back. At 54 I was aching, struggled with back pain following some major sports injuries. Having lost over 2 stone without dieting, gained massive improvements in raw strength, aerobic capacity and flexibility I’m almost back to my performance levels last recorded in my 20’s. The gym, the team Led by Quentin and the supportive gym family have motivated me to push on. Can’t believe the physical transformation !!


The investment in the gym is worth the money even if you only make a commitment for 3 months. What you can learn about training will set you up with the techniques required to make the gym work for you

Richard S

The Engine House Gym is a brilliant facility, run by excellent trainers, who go out of their way to help you reach your goals, and genuinely care. Fantastic value for money. If you want it enough, you will get the results you want!




The engine house is a professional, personal gym and the and the instructors are professional trained and training is planned to your ability


An excellent gym with first class very experienced instructors that give personal service specific to your needs when joining in their classes.

Richard O

If you are looking for a get fitter programme that will challenge you and raise your strength levels while managing to be fun at the same time, look no further than the Engine House Gym. Take charge of your power!