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Alex Flynn from Wantage was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 36 years old. Parkinson’s disease is the fastest growing neurological disease, with 1 in 15 of us being affected by this in our life time. It slowly robs you of everything we take for granted; speech, co-ordination, eating and speech – the list is endless and eveyone’s journey with Parkinson’s is different. Parkinsons can affect anyone at any age – it is not uniquely an old person’s disease.

Alex was a member of The Engine House and spent tireless hours training for the next event to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s charities.

In late 2021, whilst attempting to put Parkinson’s on top of the world by climbing Mt Everest, Alex suffered altitude sickess having completed the second preparatory mountain, Meera Peak.

In honour of his life, the Engine House are supporting Parkinsons.Me a local charity who help families living with Parkinsons’s disease.

Magdalena’s Everest Base Camp Event.

The Woman who Throws Herself into Crazy Challenges and NEVER gives up.

Magdalena is a member of the Engine House and is often taking on crazy ultra-marathon challenges! The busy mum of three, works incredibly hard and knows the importance of having me time to balance her inner peace, whether this is running, hiking or swinging the kettle bells. These types of exercise benefit mood and play a crucial role in maintaining positive mental health.

Currently working 3 jobs to be able to afford her trip to Base Camp, Everest, Magdalena has decided to raise money for Parkinsons.Me.

Alex’s story stole my heart and inspired me so much. I am grateful for being fit and healthy and I too will #keepmoving my body for as long as it allows me to do so. Please read Alex’s story – you’ll be touched and inspired by it!

We are all right behind her, update you on her training and adventure.

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Justine’s Born Survivor Challenge.

Facing Adversity and taking on the Baton

Justine Nunn, partner of the late Alex Flynn, is taking part in this year’s Born Survivor, an event Alex would have done if he had returned from his Everest challenge. Currently training 3 times a week at the Engine House, Justine is pushing her limits in order to achieve this challenge.

Training has been a fundamental part of her recovery process, exercise has been just as important as grief therapy. The support of team members and the gym overall has been invaluable.

Alex would always say you can sit on your backside and do nothing or you get up and you face the beast, this is what I am doing, I am taking on his baton, tailoring to suit what I need to do to make him proud, #keepmoving and continue his fight against Parkinson’s.

If you wish to donate or find out how you can get involved in the great work this charity does for families, please visit

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