Mettle Bender Powerlifting Competition.

Our next competition is on the 7th July 2024! Registration is now open!

Mettle Bender July 2024.

Find out all you need to know about our next powerlifting meet in July 2024 – FAQs, Tips & Tricks, we’ve got it all!

Mettle Bender January 2024.

A proper winter warmer, this one! Our second powerlifting competition aimed at those new to the sport who want to try pit their mettle against the bar to see just what they can do in a no-pressure, super supportive and friendly gym where everyone just wants everyone else to get that lift!

Mettle Bender July 2023.

Our maiden voyage into powerlifting competitions was an absolute blast! Everyone who took part did an absolute stirling job at proving to themselves that they could lift more than they thought, and even if they didn’t hit some of their more ambitious goals they’ve now have the confidence and targets to enter our next competition – coming in January 2024! 

Our Fantabulous Sponsors.

Clever Dent Repair

As you may know, we do love bending a bit of metal here at the gym which is why the Mettle Bender Powerlifing competition was set up – but this cracking event wouldn’t be bigger and better this time without the generous sponsorship of Clever Dent Repair.

So, if you find you’ve also bent some metal, perhaps on your motor, you couldn’t do better than checking out Clever Dent to smooth over your woes and get your car back up to tip-top condition. They’ll most likely save you a heap of cash on insurance excess charges as well as full on body shop repairs. PLUS they come to you – less faff all around!

Lusher Lawns

The crew at Lusher Lawns have very kindly (and generously!) sponsored us so we can bring you the best kit to test your mettle against in our January Event!

Lusher Lawns love tackling overgrown and unloved grass and transforming outdoor spaces with meticulous natural looking lawns that don’t need mowing and are kid and pet proof.

If you’d like to spend less time grappling with your grass, checkout the Lusher Lawns website here: – or you can give them a call on 01865 803445.

Quentin Bevan Personal Training

Mr Bevan has undoubtably offered much of his time towards helping getting Mettle Bender up and running as well as a place to call home, so we’re very happy to say that he’s also ponied up some cash as well so that we can keep giving the competition more time, love and kit to make it the amazing event it’s become.

We can’t think of a better person to give you the upperhand if you want some 1-1 time mastering the barbell, either. Perhaps this sponsorship is just meant to be!

If you’d like some one to one time with Quentin, just give him a call on 07977 796870.