🥳 April 2024 Engine House Hero: Jubilant Jasmine
April’s Hero is Jasmine, and we think that glorious smile says it all! 😃
Jasmine has been working on getting out of her comfort zone 🎯 and trying out new things in the gym… and one bit of kit got her attention, the rowErg! That, and helpful timing of Concept2 RowErg challenge meant that the stars aligned 💫 perfectly giving Jasmine the chance to give something a go that she’d not tried before! And, she rocked it! 💥
We love it 😍 when our members explore beyond the usual, because taking steps away from what you know means you can expand the zone you’re comfortable in. And that means growing and opening your mind 🧠 up to new ideas 💡 and experiences 👌.
Congratulations Jasmine! 👏

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