🥳 May 2024 Engine House Hero: Amazing Andy!
Andy has been coming to the gym for so long he’s almost part of the furniture 🪑. It’s safe to say we’ve been on a journey together – a bit like being married💍. He’s stuck with it no matter what trials and tribulations got in the way and has shown plenty of resilience and determination to keep on training 🏋️‍♂️.  So much so, that even when he tore his bicep 💪, no sooner was he back from hospital 🚑 he was back in the gym working on a recovery program so he could keep on lifting.

No doubt Andy’s sense of humour (which is drier than the Sahara 🌵) and unflappable cool, calm and collected personality keeps this particular gym warrior on track 🎯.

Andy, the gym wouldn’t be the same without you! Congratulations 👏

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