Personal Training.

Personal Training for when you need a bit of 1 on 1 time.

What is Personal Training?

Sometimes in order to make progress, or to even just make a start in your strength and health journey we can benefit from 1-2-1 personal training.  We provide personal training for just that – when you need guidance, encouragement and knowledge to get you moving towards your goals,

What’s involved?

Personal training at The Engine House Gym will provide you with an individually tailored program geared towards your current fitness levels and provides a direct pathway towards attaining your goals. Whether it’s to be stronger, fitter, more mobile or flexible, we’re here to help you be the version of your that you aspire to be.  All of our trainers are fully qualified to offer Personal Training, so you can guarantee you’re in a safe pair of hands that will guide you and teach you life long skills to train safely and effectively.

Our personal trainers will fully evaluate your current level of fitness, range of motion, stability and strength with a thorough functional movement screen. Once evaluated we will then spend time to discuss your goals, any relevant history regarding previous training, illnesses or injuries we should be aware of and how your training can fit into your life.

    What are the benefits?

    • Learn from our trainers the skills you need to use equipment correctly to reduce chances of injury
    • A clear focus on technique and form
    • A progressive training program with SMART goals made for you alone
    • Flexibility to train around your schedule and life
    • Optimised training to minimise time spent in the gym and maximising results
    • Nutritional advice and guidance that is sustainable (we don’t do fads)
    • Being challenged and nudged out of your comfort zone to gain new ground
    • Advice about how to train when you’re not sure where to start
    • Advice for training towards a specific event or to better your preferred sport
    • Specific programming if you have an illness, injury or condition
    • Get a training partner who’s clued up and supportive and good company
    • A fresh perspective on your training and how it can be improved (more interesting, challenging or just more fun!)
    • Better movitivation through your own accountablity and commitment
    • Gaining long term habits and skills to be healthy and strong for life

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