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Physiotherapy at The Engine House Gym.

We have teamed up with the wonderful Katherine Sanders, owner of Boathouse Physiotherapy, to provide satellite physiotherapy clinics at the gym.

What can be treated?

Katherine can help treat many conditions that you may need help with. These include:

  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
    Including joint, muscle, tendon, ligament injuries, both acute and chronic in nature. A holistic assessment of your condition is carried out to establish the root cause with the aim to effectively treat the cause not just the symptoms.
  • Arthritis
    Help to slow the progression of arthritic through strengthening muscles, and stabilising joints and manage pain symptoms caused by arthritis with many techniques including acupuncture, massage, joint mobilisations, electrotherapies, taping and braces. Advice on the best activities to stay active and mobile.
  • Pre & Post Op
    Katherine’s team have extensive knowledge of current surgical procedures and have close working relationships with many of the Consultants in the surrounding areas. Their aim to get you back to activity in the best possible condition after your operation, as well as maximising the outcomes from your operation, by getting you ready for your surgery in the weeks prior to your surgery.
  • Sports Injuries
    Assessment and treatment of acute and chronic sporting injuries for recreational and professional athletes. With extensive experience in a wide variety of sports including swimming, running, rowing, triathlon, rugby, football, netball, golf, basketball, skiing, tennis, horse riding and hockey, the goal is to return you to your training and sport as soon as possible and in the best possible condition. Help prevent further injuries through pre-conditioning and advice.
  • Pre & Post Natal
    During and after pregnancy women can suffer with pelvic pain and ongoing muscle problems. Physiotherapy can help with treating pelvic girdle pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction, muscle separation and pelvic floor problems. The aim is to keep you pain free, mobile and strong during your pregnancy in preparation for labour and once baby has arrived.
  • Women’s Health
    Assessment and treatment of pelvic floor function and dysfunction. Physiotherapy can also help treat urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, prolapse, vaginismus, vulvodynia, Pudendal neuralgia, pain associated with endometriosis, sexual pain and pelvic muscle problems.

How do I book a treatment session?

Please visit the Boathouse Physiotherapy website to book a satellite clinic appointment at the gym. Alternatively you can give them a call on 0118 9767189.