Body weight.

Use what you were given. No kit, just you, your body and learning how to work with what you’ve got.

What is body weight training?

If you think that working out requires a load of kit, you’d be wrong. Body weight training can be done anytime or anywhere – but what you do need is instruction to learn how to get your body to work in the right way to prevent injuries through bad technique. There are lots of benefits to working out with your body alone, too:

Build muscle and joint strength

Think about it. You use your body everyday. For your body to stay well and strong we need to not only use it but help it perform the demands we make of it regularly. Body weight training also helps you progress in other areas of your training too.

Build your core

Core fitness is a fundamental area to work on. Without a strong core any training can be difficult and potentially lead to injury. A strong core is also needed for everyday activites, such as sitting and maintaining good posture. Body weight exercises such as planks, crunches and mountain climbers can all help with improving your core.

Better balance and mobility

Body weight training forces you to rely on your own being to stay balanced and move around. There is no equipment to keep you from falling over or to give you a bit of assistance with a movement. It’s all down to you and your body.

Supports muscle growth

Push ups, pull ups, squats, crunches, planks and lunges when performed correctly can help increase your muscle growth.


Body weight training offers a whole host of exercises that keep your training programme fresh, interesting and engaging. It’s this variety in movement that challenges your body to work a broad range of muscles and gives you a great whole body work out.

Adaptable & efficient

The beauty of body weight exercises is that they are extremely customisable depending on fitness level. They can be performed in limited amounts of time and can help you reach your goals, whether that be weight loss, muscle gain or just moving better than before.

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