“Swinging” has many definitions 😁, however in this post we’re talking about the kettlebell swing.

Put simply, it involves holding a kettlebell by the handle and swinging it between your legs to about eye level 👀 using either one or two hands 🙌.

Sounds straightforward enough, but this ballistic movement that also involves momentum can be a tricky movement to master 🤔 – which is where we come in!

We can show you how to get your form spot on so you get in on some of these benefits!

➡️ Full body workout

Swings will strengthen your core, lower back, glutes, hamstring, mid-back, upper-back, forearms, lats and shoulders – nice! 💯

➡️ Great stabiliser

Swings not only target all the big muscles you’d expect to be involved to get the bell from A to B, but they also work a bunch of stabilising muscles too. These muscles help us maintain good posture during the movement, when proper form and technique are used. ✔️

➡️ Fast & efficient

A full work out can take as little as 10 minutes. You don’t need lots of space to swing and you’ll only need a couple of bells to get that full body workout we mentioned. ⏱️

➡️ Cardio improvements

Swinging is a fab alternative to other cardio exercises such as running. Not only can you get improvements in your Vo2 max (how much oxygen your body can use during exercise), it’s also a kinder on your joints as it’s a low impact movement. ❤️‍🔥

➡️ Strength

Swings will also boost your “power zone” (all the stuff in your posterior chain) and improve your explosive strength. 💪

➡️ Flexibility & Mobility

Sit at a desk all day? It’s likely your hip flexors are suffering. Swings not only activate your glutes but they also elongate your hip flexors which is crucial to iron out any body imbalances that you may have which can hamper your training and day to day movement. ⚖️

➡️ Reduces back pain

When you’re shown how to do a swing correctly, it will strengthen your back and stretch it out which can relieve any back pain you may have. 👌

➡️ Burns calories

Need more calories out than in? Swinging is a great way to create that deficit you want, outperforming running or walking in less time. 💥

Not a swinger yet? We would highly recommend it 😃

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