What if we were to tell you to slow down? To stop for a minute and breathe. To listen to your body and then figure out your next move. 👂

What if by doing that, you’d see a benefit in your training because you’ve given yourself enough time recover and your next set will better quality and more effective. Sounds good huh? 🤷

If your goal is to improve how well you do something, then then amount of time you do nothing between sets is crucial. ⏱

Your next set deserves the same energy and technique as the last one, and you shouldn’t be selling yourself or your training short.

Don’t rob Peter to pay Paul. 🚫

Here are some good rules of thumb for rest between sets to think about:
Strength training – 3 to 5 mins
Body building – 60 to 90 seconds

You can also use Perceived Effort Level to help you gauge how much rest you need between sets – return to level 3 / 4 before moving on to your next exercise.

Our ethos? Quality over Quantity, every time 🏋

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