Did someone mention The New Year already? It was us! We’re thinking forward because quite honestly if we think backwards, it gets us nowhere fast.

We’re not going to mention “new year resolutions”, but we did want to talk about goals.

January seems a popular time to set goals of some sort or another. And many of us will look at our gym kit abandoned in a corner gathering dust, or take a look in the mirror and give ourselves a stern talking to and the result is that we’re hit with wave of inspiration and a goal is set that this year we’re gonna do it – get fit, weigh less, get strong and keep going until we hit the mark 💯.

As trainers, we love this! That explosion 🎆 of enthusiasm that we see walk into the gym during the darkest and coldest days of a New Year. The problem is that we know that those who seek our help (and us) are heading for heartbreak 💔 hotel if we don’t steer the car in the right direction whilst running on high octane fuel 🏎️.

What’s needed is a map to keep us on the road.

🎯 Setting goals

One of the best ways to do this is to set a goal, which sounds remarkably easy but the chemical make-up of any given goal can result in either success or failure, which is why you have to get the fuel mix right ⚗️.

If a goal is too vague, such as “I want to get fitter” it lacks direction and is difficult to plan for 😕.
Something more specific is better like “I want to lose weight”. Now this gives us something to work towards because we can plan training specifically to help with that.

We can also set up waypoints 📍 to monitor how you’re doing (such as your weight). We’d also be able to tweak other stuff such as diet and establish what thing affects something else (cause & effect) 🔀.

⚖️ Keeping it real

The goal definition isn’t the only thing to think about though. The goal itself has to be important enough to trigger the behavioural changes that are required to keep on the path of improvement.

Goals also need to be realistic – not so easy it’s a walk in the park or overwhelming to the point of impossibility. A good goal needs to be challenging and completed within a timeframe ⏲️ to keep the momentum up 📊.

🙋 Getting support

But you can talk goals all you like and it will all be for naught if your attitude towards the goal isn’t right. And that’s down to YOU 👈.

What we can do is make sure the route you need to take is clear – we can provide you with everything you need – the right kit, our knowledge and our time.

We just need you to be on board for the entire journey without getting a flat tyre or burn out 🧯.So, what’s your goal going to be?

Get in touch – we’d love to help you to reach whatever it may be!

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