“The body is one piece” – that’s what one of our favourite coaches, Dan John, has been saying for years. But what does he mean? 🧐

In a nutshell, he’s telling us that your entire body needs to be strong *and* to move well. Focusing on too many specific things isn’t going to the cut the mustard.👎

Much like your body hasn’t been patched together by Frankenstein in the vague hope all the bits will work together (with the help of 1000 volts ⚡), your training approach shouldn’t suffer the same fate either. Random mash-ups of training and diet just don’t work, not in the long term.😱

We train differently. We help you get stronger and to move better by teaching movements that work your whole body and hone your body’s ability to work as one unit. ♾️

These are the sorts of movements we do every day but might not realise it, such as squatting, pushing, pulling, hip hinges, carrying and of course fundamental ground work.

It’s this focus on the entire mechanics 🔧 of a body that allows us to progress overall and get specific improvements if we want them. 💪

Think of your body a bit like an orchestra. You can have all the right instruments 🎻, but if they’re not all playing at the right time and in the right key you’ll end up with a right old racket. Our training is the conductor to your orchestra, so you get a decent tune out.🎶

If you’re ready to take a new approach to your training and to get your body firing on all cylinders 🔥 rather than 1, drop us a message – we’d love to chat!

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