Not something you often see being done in the gym, but we reckon the long forgotten one armed deadlift deserves a bit of lime light and is something new you can try to spice up your life. So, pick it up on the left, like you’re having a good time… pick it up on the right if you’re feeling fine, but remember Hai Si Ja, Hold tight!

On a more serious note, this lift is a full body movement and will work your legs, traps and shoulders. It’ll also hit your obliques and other back and abdominal muscles. The key here is to make sure you perform your set up correctly.

Balance is crucial as you raise your body evenly and ascend towards awesomeness. When it’s time to lower the weight maintain a tight torso and “sit back” until you place the bar down. Ideally you want just one “clunk” as it hits the ground, not a double clunk (you’ll know what we mean when you try it out!).

Victory V’s ✌️  at the end of the lift are not mandatory, but highly recommended.

Do an equal number of sets for both sides because muscle equality matters 😉


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