You might not have seen this rather small attachment in the gym that allows you to shove a barbell in the end of it, but despite its size, this uber versatile swivel joint can give you a host of benefits when you use.

It’s a great way to help out with pressing, pulling, squatting, lunging and rotation, especially for those who may have mobility restrictions, injuries or haven’t quite got that perfect movement pattern the text books all talk about – the Landmine makes training these movements more accessible with a reduce risk of breaking yourself.

Q in demonstrating the landmine rotation, just one of the many moves you can do with this bit of kit. We’ve created a more detailed list here.Take a look… and the next time you see a trainer ask them to get the pole out.

Types of movement

Landmine squats

Hold the bar against your chest and squat until your thighs hit parallel. Keep an upright posture then fully extend your legs and contract  your glutes to return to standing.

Landmine thrust

Same as the squat, but as you return to the start position use an explosive press movement to push the weight forward by extending your arms fully.

Single arm press

From a standing position, angle your body at around 45 degrees from the bar. Take the bar in one hand and press the weight away from you.

Landmine rotation

Hold the bar with both of your hands at chest level. Use your arms to move the bar in a nice arc back and forth in front of you. Your torso and feet should track with the movement of the bar. 

Split squat

Face away from the landmine and take a split squat position – the leg closest to the bar should be behind you. Pick up the bar with the arm closest to it and grip just below the collar. Descent into the squat to a level that is comfortable. Return to the upright position by extending your front leg.

Benefits of the Barbell Landmine

Core and Stabilizer Activation:

The barbell landmine engages your core muscles and stabilizers extensively. As the barbell is anchored at one end, your core muscles must work harder to stabilize and control the movement, leading to improved core strength and stability.


The barbell landmine is a joint-friendly alternative to traditional barbell exercises, such as overhead presses or barbell rows. It allows for a more natural range of motion, reducing stress on the joints, particularly the shoulders and lower back. This makes it suitable for individuals with joint issues or those looking to minimize the risk of injury.


The landmine can be used for a wide range of exercises, targeting various muscle groups. It allows for pressing, pulling, rotational, and lower body movements. Some common exercises include landmine presses, rows, squats, lunges, rotational exercises, and core twists. Its versatility makes it an excellent tool for full-body workouts and functional training.

Unilateral Training:

The landmine can be used for unilateral exercises, which means working one side of the body at a time. This helps to address muscle imbalances and develop equal strength and coordination on both sides.

Core Rotational Training:

The landmine is particularly useful for rotational exercises that enhance core strength and stability. Exercises like landmine twists and rotational presses engage the oblique muscles, improving rotational power and athletic performance.

Space and Equipment Efficiency: The barbell landmine requires minimal space and equipment. It can be easily set up by inserting the barbell into a landmine attachment, or even by securing one end of the barbell in a corner. This makes it a practical choice for home gyms and small training spaces


The barbell landmine can be adapted to different fitness levels and goals. By adjusting the weight, reps, or range of motion, it can be tailored to suit beginners, intermediate, and advanced lifters.

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