This month’s hero is Billy!

Billy joined the 1000 pound club this month, not an achievement to be sniffed at, that’s for sure! To reach this dizzying accolade, Billy had 3 attempts at 3 lifts (squat, deadlift and bench press). The heaviest weight achieved for each lift is added up and the total has to be equal to or more than 454 kgs – or 1000 lbs.

With a deadlift of 205kg, squat of 125kg and bench press of 125kg totaling 455kg we are very happy to have Billy join the club! 💪

Engine House Hero’s are chosen by the trainers when one of our tribe does something extraordinary. That doesn’t just mean lifting an elephant or 3 either – it could be hitting a personal goal, showing community spirit or any other reason that they think you’ve done that bit extra.

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