📣 Shout Out: Concept2 Fall Team Challenge Update

OMG 😲We’re flabbergasted! Our intrepid team of rowers, bikers and skiers have been racking up the meters over the past week. So much so, we’re rather remiss that we didn’t hook them all up to generate some ⚡ electricity ⚡ at the same time. We’d be quid’s in by now 😆.

Between the 8 of them, they’ve covered 435,095m – that’s an eyewatering 270 miles – or if you prefer your measurements in animals about 18,128 blue whales 🐳 or 72,515 giraffes 🦒 hoof to nose 😅.

That’s far enough to reach the 🌷 Amsterdam, 🍺 Brussels, 🥖 Paris, ☘️ Dublin and 🥃 Dumfries!

Special mention for Andrew McKee who has already cracked the 100,000m goal 🎯 and to Abi Hough who got her 2,000,000m 🚣‍♀️ lifetime row certificate yesterday. Amazing!

Carry on team – we’re super proud of you all 💯!

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