The Power To Change.

Take ownership of your health and get fit for whatever life throws at you.

What We Do.

We run small group personal training classes that help to get people stronger and fitter for life. We help train people from all walks of life; women and men, teens to pensioners and all levels of ability.

We focus on technique and teaching the skills to train progressively and safely.

We specialise in kettlebell, body weight and barbell training.

Find us at The Close, Ardington, just 2 miles from Wantage, Oxfordshire.

Gym Events.

Mettle Bender Power Lifting Competition.

Our bi-annual event to help our members track their progress and boost their confidence and their belief in their abilities to do amazing things.

Group Personal Training.

We run training programs for small groups of people. We focus on each persons training needs and help them reach their goals by tailoring what they do each time they step into our gym because we know that one size does not fit all.

Our training focuses on increasing strength, endurance and mobility using 3 core fundamentals; the kettlebell, the barbell and your own body weight.


Improve strength, power, muscle, endurance and more with the kettlebell.


Build muscle and strength, increase bone density and boost your confidence.

Body weight

Improve your flexibility, balance, core strength and prevent injuries.

What Our Members Say.

You get really professional training advice that is tailored to you. It is amazing value for money compared to visiting a normal gym where any advice you receive is likely to come from someone who is far less qualified and experienced.

Megan (36)

An amazing little gym with a lovely community and group of supportive trainers. Whether you’re interested in getting fit or learning new skills with a barbell or kettlebell, The Engine House has got it all!


The investment in the gym is worth the money even if you only make a commitment for 3 months. What you can learn about training will set you up with the techniques required to make the gym work for you

Richard S (42)


When you join our gym, you’re also joining our family. We are great believers that getting professional instructor led training is important, but we also know the value in having like-minded people to train with to give you the extra support to keep going.

Our classes sizes are small, with only 5 to 8 people attending a session. This means you’ll never be fighting over equipment, you’ll always be working safely and you get dedicated time with your trainer to really get the most out of your time in the gym.

Key Worker Discounts

Do you work for the NHS, Armed Forces, Police or Fire Service?

Get in touch with us to get discounted memberships at The Engine House Gym.

Gym Blog.

Training Tactics: Functional Fitness

Training Tactics: Functional Fitness

“The body is one piece” – that’s what one of our favourite coaches, Dan John, has been saying for years. But what does he mean? 🧐 In a nutshell, he’s telling us that your entire body needs to be strong *and* to move well. Focusing on too many specific things isn’t...

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Training Tactics: Benefits of the Barbell

Training Tactics: Benefits of the Barbell

Have you ever walked into a gym and thought about just walking straight back out again 🤔? If the answer is yes, we're not surprised. Sometimes the rows and rows of machines and devices look like something out of a medivial torture chamber ⚔️ rather than a place to get...

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Engine House Heros.

Our amazing members acheiving wonderful things

Engine House Hero – Jackpot Jenny

Engine House Hero – Jackpot Jenny

February 2024 Engine House Hero: Jackpot Jenny! We can not even begin to describe the wonderful success Jenny is having at the gym each and every time she turns up to a class - and you know what, she's smashing every goal and new challenge she turns her hand to!...

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Engine House Hero – Judicious Jonathan

Engine House Hero – Judicious Jonathan

At the end of every year, we like to review how our members have been doing overall, who’s been in, who’s done what and when. And we reckon, a good indicator 🧭 is attendance 💯 Last year, Jonathan had the most open gym attendances with a whopping 186 under his belt -...

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British Drug Free Powerlifting Association.

StrongFirst School Of Strength.

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Sitting on the fence about signing up? We get it - we wouldn't want to buy before we try either! That's why we offer a 2 week free trial so you can come along and see what we're all about.